Binary Option

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A binary option, also called a digital option, is an option with only two possible outcomes in terms of the profit: if the option expires in the money, the option holder receives a certain sum (or asset), called the notional, otherwise the holder receives nothing.

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Binary options are usually european, however sometimes american binary options, so called one-touch options, are traded.

Binary option value graph is similar to the delta graph of a vanilla option, similarly, the delta graph of a binary option looks similar to the gamma graph of a regular option.

A binary option can be roughly simulated with a portfolio of two vanilla options with very close strike prices. In this example we use a portfolio of 1000 long calls struck at 9.999 and 1000 short calls struck at 10.000 to emulate a binary call with the notional of 1 (1000 * 10.000 - 1000 * 9.999) and strike 10.

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The screenshot shows the following portfolio:




European call struck at 9.999 with expiry in 30 days


European call struck at 10.000 with expiry in 30 days

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